Number of Songs Written as of 06/29/2022– 12,612

Title of First Song Professionally Recorded – “City Boys.”
Most Acclaimed Song – “Something’s Fishy.”

Title of Albums

“Crying Only Gets You Tears” 

"Peggy Penny"

“The Best Of Peggy Penny” 

“The Wishing Well”

“Touch It”

"Kansas Twist"

"Luv Poet"

"Slo Peace"

Title of First Publication – “One Hundred Miles.”

Musical Instruments – Piano and Guitar

Title of First Television Show – “Midnight Beach Party.”

Astrological Sign – Aquarius
Birth date – February 4th

Favorite Color – Yellow
Favorite Flowers – Carnations

Favorite Gemstone - Emerald
Favorite Food – Cheese 

Favorite Desert – Apricot Pie
Favorite Ice Cream – Chocolate Chip

Favorite Drink - Water
Favorite Saying – “Your Opinion is Wrong.”

Favorite Movies – “Tombstone”

Born in U.S.A.


"I Love You.  You know who you are."
Peggy Penny​

"Go To School"